Why you should be watching: Holliston

I became aware of the show Holliston in October of 2012 between the first and second seasons when the first was released on DVD. I worked in a video store and my boss must’ve thought it looked good because he took it home with him, he made it through the first episode, shut it off, and brought it back into the store on his day off to give to me, saying “trust me, this is gonna be your new favorite show”. He wasn’t wrong.

After a long day of urging people to rent Popcorn and Phantasm instead of Magic Mike and That’s My Boy, I went home and curled up on the couch to watch Holliston. I was already a fan of Adam Green’s work having been made familiar with him via the two Hatchet movies that had been released at the time, which I’m also telling you right now, along with the third one, are absolute gold. Joe Lynch, on the other hand, I didn’t know anything about and I’m so glad to have been exposed to him because he’s great, he’s now best known for Knights of Badassdom and Everly, though I wouldn’t bring up the former to him. Adam and Joe play characters named after themselves who are an aspiring writer and director respectively.

The show also stars Corri English whos other work in the genre includes After Dark Horrorfest film Unrest and Devil May Call. Aside from being absolutely beautiful, she’s actually very funny. She’s also the lead singer for the band Brokedown Cadillac, and while country music isn’t really my thing, I’ve got to admit, it’s pretty good. Playing her best friend and Joe’s girlfriend, aka my favorite character, is Laura Ortiz who, while you probably don’t recognize, was previously in the remake of The Hills Have Eyes. I also recently spotted her, however briefly, in Guardians of the Galaxy and did that thing where you punch the person with you in the theater out of excitement.

Rounding out the regular cast are Dee Snider of Twisted Sister and the phenomenal film Strangeland as the guys’ boss at a local cable access station and the late Dave Brockie, better known as Oderus Urungus, of Gwar who plays Adam’s imaginary alien friend.

The entire show is set up like a sitcom complete with laugh track but is specifically tailored for the audience it was aimed at on FEARnet. The show opens up on Adam and Joe hosting their show The Movie Crypt, which has pretty much zero viewers in the show, but is now a very real podcast that covers things like interviews with horror personalities, how-to instructions for making your own films, live commentaries, and fundraisers like the recent 3-day long marathon they did to benefit Save A Yorkie Rescue.

Within the first ten minutes of the show we get to see the two main characters try to “pull a Scanners” on each other, we’re treated to our first glimpse of Laura’s art, we’re reminded of the totally real struggle that we own all of our best horror movies on VHS instead of DVD, and we learn that Adam has broken up with his girlfriend for the best reason to ever dump anyone: she’s never see Gremlins. “It’s dangerous.”

Aside from the characters being extremely relatable (Adam and Joe are constantly having issues making money, the people they went to high school with make fun of them for still not realizing their dreams, and they’re completely obsessed with all things horror), the show boasts a fantastic list of guest stars. Derek Mears, Danielle Harris, Bill Moseley, Tony Todd, Sid Haig, Kane Hodder, Seth Green, Colton Dunn, and John Landis are just a few of the genre favorites to pop up throughout the two seasons available.

The third season has been delayed for a multitude of reasons – FEARnet is no more, the cast and crew are working on other projects and expanding families, the loss of Dave Brockie – but it’s in the works. There was even a live script reading for one of the season three episodes during the aforementioned three day Movie Crypt marathon and it was hilarious. So do what you can to catch up (the series is available on DVD and iTunes) before it makes it’s triumphant comeback.


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