The Dismember America Tour


People always say “don’t meet your heroes”, presumably because a lot of people are assholes (like a certain person I once met who I still respect as an artist, but want to punch in the face), but Adam Green is not one of them. With the amount of films, film commentaries, shorts, TV shows, and The Movie Crypt podcast with Joe Lynch, Adam Green feels like someone you’ve been friends with forever that moved to the other side of the country, but you still hear from him often enough to remain friends. He’s so open and honest about his life and nearly everything in it, that you just really feel like you know him.

I have the tendency to freak out around the people I look up to who happen to be famous – I am notorious for having cried too hard to speak when I met PJ Soles. Despite this, seeing Adam Green come to the front of my favorite theater to introduce his new film was weirdly comforting, like “Oh, there’s my buddy Adam, that’s cool”.

Aside from the cool factor, he seems to treat every single person he speaks to like they’re important. He spent more time than was reasonable just bullshitting with my sister and I, considering how many people were still behind us in line, but we never felt rushed in the least.

Unfortunately I can’t go too much into Victor Crowley itself as it’s still touring it’s way across the country and I don’t want to be that asshole, but I had very high hopes going in and wasn’t disappointed in the least. It was the most fun I’ve had in theaters in years and it’s now claiming the top spot for my favorite on-screen kill with some of the wildest shit I’ve ever seen in a movie.

What I’m really saying here is this: please support Adam Green in all of his endeavors because he’s truly an amazing person. He’s great at what he does, and though it means nothing coming from me, I’m incredibly proud of everything he’s acheived.

Sometimes it’s a damn good idea to meet your heroes.


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