indie horror: RWD

A few years back in an issue of Fangoria I read an article about a movie called Triangle in which the characters are trapped in a time loop and must fight for their lives against one of their own. It was a phenomenal film that never really got the exposure or praise it deserved. If you mixed that movie with The Blair Witch Project and watched it with Rod Serling while Goblin played in the background, it’d feel like RWD.

Matt Stuertz’ full length directorial debut is a hell of a ride. While it’s nice to give characters a complicated background so you feel for them, the characters in RWD, Chris (Adam Hartley) and Ricky (Stuertz), are so relatable, they could easily be you and your best friend. Chris and Ricky are just two guys hanging out in the woods to film their ghost hunting show Ghost Goofs (named for one of Stuertz’ Sixty Second Slasher short films).

While trying to interview the descendants of the subject of their ghost hunt, the guys begin to notice strange things like mysterious phone calls, figures in the distance, and interference on their sound equipment. I’m man enough (despite being a woman) to admit it had me feeling a bit jumpy as I tried to figure out what exactly was going on.

Unable to conduct their interview, Chris and Ricky retreat to the woods where they decide to investigate an ominous looking silo. As the two get separated inside and the strange occurrences and noises intensify, the film goes off the rails.

RWD goes from nerve wracking to a fun surprise and, by the final act, it’s a tense survival film. I found myself on the edge of my seat, genuinely rooting for the characters.

While it may not be for everyone, if you like to have fun with your horror, you’re definitely going to enjoy RWD. You can watch the trailer here:

And considering I’d be remiss to write a review of this film without mentioning the glorious 80’s synth pop soundtrack, you can listen to (and even purchase) it HERE.


indie horror: Never Hike Alone

If I were to win the lottery, the first thing I’d do is buy a car that wasn’t a Corolla with squeaky brakes. The second thing I’d do is find some deserving indie film makers and help fund their projects. There are tons of people out there with good ideas, a vision, and a mess of creativity that just haven’t got the money to get their films off the ground. On the plus side, things like kickstarter and gofundme exist to help make their dreams a reality.

One of the projects I’d throw a ridiculous amount of money at is Never Hike Alone. A Friday the 13th fan film that came into being in early 2016, Never Hike Alone was originally just a concept trailer, which on it’s own was terribly impressive. They later launched a kickstarter for the film, but didn’t reach their intended goal. They’ve since released a second trailer, which you can view below, that’s got me even more excited.

They’ve recently returned to kickstarter to raise the funds to finish the short film. Aside from helping aspiring film makers to get their film made, there are some pretty cool pledge rewards available if you need the incentive to donate. You can find their kickstarter page HERE.

Along with making, what appears to be, a phenomenal film, director Vincente DiSanti can be found personally interacting with fans on social media and sites like Bloody Disgusting (who’s recent article is what reminded me this film existed), which if you ask me, is super cool. He seems very grateful for any exposure given to his film and, in general, like a very personable guy, which is refreshing.

From their kickstarter:

Never Hike Alone is a 22-minute short film that follows the story of KYLE MCLEOD (Andrew Leighty), an avid backcountry hiker who, while on a solo backpacking trip, discovers the long lost remains of CAMP CRYSTAL LAKE. Ignoring the campfire ghost stories from his childhood, Kyle’s curious nature draws him in to see what is left of the camp since it was closed after the infamous 1980 Friday the 13th murders. However, Kyle’s innocent search of the camp turns deadly when he is attacked by Camp Crystal Lake’s last remaining resident, JASON VOORHEES. Stranded alone in the middle of the wilderness, with a legendary mass murderer on his heels, Kyle’s survival skills will be put to the test like never before. Will he make it out of the woods alive or become another victim of the cursed camp?